Meet Jessica!

Meet Jessica, one of our Orthodontic Assistants! We are thrilled to have Jessica as part of the staff here at Hanis Orthodontics! Check out the answers she gave us to the questions we asked her during her interview: What city and state were you born in? What brought you to the Katy area? I was born in Houston, Texas and my mom moved us to Katy when I was 13 years old. When we moved to Katy it was pretty bare. Just a Denny’s and a Walmart on Fry – or at least that is how it seemed at 13! Have you ever had braces or Invisalign®? If so, how old were you? I had braces at 27 years old. It was a great decision because I love my smile! When you are not in the office, where can you be found? I can’t give away all my secrets! But, I am always found with my family. We are very close knit and do everything together. Would you rather travel by plane, train, or automobile? If money were not an issue, where would you go? I would travel by plane, train or automobile! I LOVE to travel and experience new adventures and areas. If money were not an issue – I would travel the world. My first 5 stops would be Bora Bora, Brazil, Ireland, France, and Paris. What is your favorite joke that always makes you smile? Why was the mushroom the life of the party? Because he is a fun-guy. (Fungi) What do you love about your job at Hanis Orthodontics?  Not only do I love the ladies I work with, but I have formed life-long friends here. I also love seeing people become more confident as their teeth are straightened. It is great to see people light up and blossom and their treatment progresses. How would your best friend describe you in three words? Selfless, positive, talented… and creative!

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