Meet Deanna, Orthodontic Assistant at Hanis & Proft Orthodontics!

Meet Deanna, Orthodontic Assistant at Hanis and Proft Orthodontics!

Meet Deanna, Orthodontic Assistant at Hanis & Proft Orthodontics!  Read more about her in our interview below!

We are happy to have Deanna as a member of our team!

What city and state were you born in? What brought you to the Katy area? The state known as the Palmetto State who’s Motto is “While I breathe, I hope.” Our state is also known for smiling faces, beautiful places… You guessed it… South Carolina.

Have you ever had braces or Invisalign®? If so, how old were you? I have experienced braces twice in my life… Once as a 13 year old teenager and then again at 27 years old.  This is why we say retainer wear is a lifetime commitment.

When you are not in the office, where can you be found? Doing what us Moms do best… Running our children all over the place and spending as much time with my family as I can. Then trying to make time for my schooling, studying, & gym time.

Would you rather travel by plane, train, or automobile? If money were not an issue, where would you go? I am more of a girl who loves road trips no matter whether a plane ride is available or not. I feel in the car you can see so much more and experience many things you cannot experience in a plane.

What do you love about your job at Hanis & Proft Orthodontics? The best part of being at Hanis and Proft is the fact I can go to work everyday and enjoy the people I am around.

If you could be any fictional character, who would you be? If I could be a fictional character, I would be Samantha from Bewitched… To be able to twinkle my nose and make magical things happen. Loved this show growing up.

How would your best friend describe you in three words? Determined, Loyal, Compassionate


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