Benefits of Orthodontics

Orthodontics: Benefits of a Beautiful Smile

Orthodontics is more than just straightening teeth to provide a beautiful smile. Take a look at some of the benefits orthodontic treatment.

Decrease Cavities

Misaligned teeth can cause serious crowding, making it difficult to efficiently clean the entire surface of every tooth. Patients with crowded teeth tend to have more cavities and an increased risk for tooth decay. A straight smile improves the state of your dental hygiene overall.

Improve Bite Problems

Getting orthodontic treatment can improve your bite. If you or your child suffers from a speech impediment or difficulty eating, we can evaluate the teeth and jaw to correct alignment issues causing these symptoms.

In addition, the placement of your teeth and jaw can affect whether or not you snore. With orthodontic treatment, some patients experience less snoring and reduced sleep apnea symptoms thanks to improved jaw structure.

Reduce TMJ Discomfort

Some patients try over-the-counter medications and heat or cold packs to ease TMJ symptoms but to no avail. If you suffer from chronic TMJ, orthodontic treatment may help eliminate the pain and headaches associated with this disorder.

Increase Confidence

Arguably the best benefit of a beautiful smile is the increased confidence you will feel after the braces come off. For adults and children alike, a beautiful smile is the ultimate investment in your self-esteem, paving the way for a happier future.

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