Back-to-School Contest

Time to play a game! 

We’re so excited to play our summer “Guess how many Crayons” game with the patients at Hanis and Stevenson Orthodontics! The game is simple; you don’t have to know quantics, To play the game with our orthodontists, Just guess the number of crayons in our jar, And you’re instantly entered to become a big star! You don’t have to know, just give it your best guess, How many crayons do you think we possess? The winner selected, receives a big prize, A visa gift card, yours to utilize! So what are you waiting for? Put your skills to the test! Go ahead, be our guest, step up, take a guess!

Update: 2017 Winners

There are 6 Winners this MONTH! That’s a record! The correct guess was 203 Crayons in the jar! Congratulations to Jillian, Aure, Tanner, Clare, Madison and Mamie Grace! Enjoy your $50.00 Visa Gift Card!

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