Back to School Contest

Our back to school contest is in full swing and we are so excited to play our “Colorful Smiles” game.

Back to school contest - guess how many crayons

The game is simple; you don’t have to know quantics,
To play the game with our orthodontists,
Guess the number of crayons in our jar,
You’re instantly entered to become a big star!
You don’t have to know, just give it your best guess,
How many crayons do you think we possess?

The winner selected, receives a big prize,
A gift card, yours to utilize!
So what are you waiting for?
Put your skills to the test!
Go ahead, be our guest, step up, take a guess!

Enter our Back to School Contest:

Stop by our office this month and scan the QR code beside the jar of crayons. Fill out the form with your information and best guess of how many crayons are in the jar! It’s that simple. After the contest closes, the entry with the closest guess will be the winner of a $50 gift card.

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